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  • What is iT2 Technologies?

    iT2 Technologies is a start-up with a focus on automating ESD, ATE, and FA data analysis and workflow environment. The iT2 ecosystem enables the sharing of information and engineering data internally within an IC company and externally with customers.

  • How do you calculate noise floor in IV curve trace analysis?

    A proprietary algorithm calculates the noise floor of leakage current to help distinguish between true and real failures. No user intervention is required in the automatic mode.

  • Can I use iT2 software for analyzing TLP (Transmission Line Pulse) data?

    Not right now but in the near future we will include the provision to analyze TLP data.

  • Can I use iT2 software for analyzing latch up (LU) data?

    In the near future we will also add the support to analyze LU data.

  • When can I get the iT2 software?

    We will soon be ready for beta testing (in 4Q2016) – so, sign up!

  • Can your package map be extended to other types of packages than what you have shown?

    Yes, we are adding more package types as new forms of test data come in.

  • Is there a limit on the number of pins or for the total number of IV curves?

    There is no practical limit. We can extend analysis tool to a much larger large amount of data but still maintain a reasonable speed. The same applies for the total number of pins.

  • In what type of format does my ESD test data need to be in order to be analyzed by the iT2 software?

    The iT2 software is being designed to be compatible to all popular data formats including XML, CSV, TXT, etc.

  • Can I import data from any type of ESD tester?

    Yes, as long as the data is in one of the formats listed above.

  • If we get this tool how many people in our company can use it? Is there a limit?

    There will be subscription tiers which will allow a reasonable number of users in each company to be able to use the iT2 software – to be announced soon.

  • Can I input my own ESD levels data and use this tool to create a package map to show where the sensitive pins are located?

    Yes. This feature will be supported in the future.

  • Can the tool work for biased IV curves?

    Yes, it can work to detect shifts in biased IV curves with ESD stress. The tool has built-in intelligence to recognize biased curves and appropriately calculate the noise floor in these cases to maintain valid results.

  • When will you have the ATE analysis tool ready?

    The ATE analysis tool is expected to be ready in 1Q2017.