Introducing Curve Trace Analyzer

We are now nearing the official Beta testing release Curve Trace Analyzer, with a few select users having received access already after providing us data for use during our development. We want to thank those early users as it has been invaluable to have their feedback and guidance so far!

If you haven’t provided us data and gotten access to the Beta Preview, now is the time to sign up so we can keep you updated and get you a Beta log-in as soon as possible: Sign Up Here


Ipad IC Package Color Map

Curve Trace Analyzer Displays Package Maps on a Tablet


The Curve Trace Analyzer Beta release will be the first chance for users to load their own data from various IV Curve Trace tests and start analyzing and sharing their test data and insights in a lighting fast, intuitive, visual interface.


Curve Trace Analyzer Showing a Failed Pin due to a Short

Curve Trace Analyzer Showing a Failed Pin due to a Short


This is a critical time for potential users to give us feedback on the direction of development, as our ultimate goal is to create a tool that is a pleasure to use and brings value, not additional complexity, to your workflows.